RTW Bedfordshire Easter Egg pattern 2 with thread

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A Bedfordshire egg pattern incorporating optional colour. Worked in Presencia Fina 60 with optional Coats Cotton 50 for coloured workers. Pattern takes 39 pairs and is the easiest of the 3 Bedfordshire Easter eggs I currently have available.  Pattern is supplied as a ready to work pricking and the pattern sheet. This listing includes the two reels of colours in turquoise and pink in Coats Cotton 50, to enable you to get the pattern on the pillow even quicker. Combine the colours with your existing white thread for an effective colourful egg. 

"Ready to Work" is a pattern that is printed onto pricking card and the holes made in it by a computer controlled laser process, ensuring an accurate pattern. This process also saves time, meaning you can get on to the making of the lace much quicker.