Starflower bookmark, Lesley F Williams

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Delicate little white flowers and shimmering seed heads on a warm spring day after the rain.

Inspired by seeing so many beautiful designs in floral Bedfordshire lace, I designed this floral trailing bookmark after a little stroll along a country lane which was filled with red, pink and white wild Campions. They grew with their heads stretching above the scrolling ferns which spilled out into the lane. Dandelion seed heads sat at the feet of the ferns. Add a little bit of sparkle from the recent spring rain shower and I had started this design then and there. Although there is a plant called the Starflower, this is what I called these as the white ones shone out like little stars on the dark mornings when out walking the dog.


A Bedfordshire design using approximately 40 pairs. 

This is for the pattern sheet, also available as a Ready to work version.