Discover Delapre Abbey in Lace

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A spiral bound A4 book - a collection of original lace patterns compiled by Jackie Poulter in conjunction with the Lace Guild exhibition 'Discovery'.

The book contained 23 new designs by various designers, inspired by architectural features of Delapre Abbey in Northamptionshire and includes photographs of the inspirational features. The patterns use techniques of Milanese, Torchon, Tatting, Needlelace, Bedfordshire, Bucks Point, and Russian lace, and show the inspiration that the designs were taken from, to give an idea about designing and to inspire designers for the future. The simplest tile, and stencilled ceiling as well as a spiral staircase provided some of the inspiration for the designs.

A true collaboration of designers, teachers and lacemakers coming together to produce this pattern book in only 8 months.

Only 500 copies have been printed so it is unlikely to be in print for too long.

Additionally the Bedfordshire designs by Louise are available as 'Ready to work' prickings, on the 'other patterns' page of the shop